SPC – Lighthouse


Real-time SPC analysis tools to reduce the impact of process variation on quality and production costs

World-class manufacturers use Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Process Capability tools to ensure quality, satisfy customer needs and drive improvements.

Shopfloor-Online seamlessly integrates MES and SPC software to control, analyse and manage processes, meet standards and ensure conformance.

Implement Shopfloor-Online’s SPC analysis module, in combination with the Quality module, to:

  • Obtain real-time SPC analysis to ensure your process is stable
  • React faster when process abnormalities arise
  • Measure process capability and produce capability reports
  • Add SPC data to conformance certificates
  • Predict the amount of non-conforming product
  • Reduce material costs by maintaining the process at “the sweet spot”


Configure your SPC Charts

  • Automatically generate SPC charts from any and all quality data collected
  • Calculate and set up control limits
  • Set up hierarchical SPC analysis e.g. across a line, drill into machines within a line, drill into heads on a machine

Real-time SPC analysis and alerting

  • Real-time SPC charts
  • All data is analysed as it input, regardless of whether a chart is currently being viewed
  • Be alerted to violations: out-of-control measurements, outside control limits, violating trend rules etc.

Charts for line operatives

  • Define what SPC charts to display and which calculations to show
  • Design screens to help line operatives who are responsible for the quality of the process. There might be several features to control; you might want to create screens with the key features side by side

Further process variations analysis

  • Select the SPC charts you need from: XR, XS, IXMR, MXMR, Histograms, X and individuals, Capability Overviews, 3D charts, NP,P, C,U, Pareto charts…
  • Multi-headed analysis – there are many processes that are in fact parallel connected but separate processes e.g. multi-die/cavity tools, multi-lane/channel, multi cutting/slicing/laying. In these processes there is a shared and individual source of variation. Understanding the common and individual sources of variation is crucial.
  • Create multiple views of SPC charts
  • Generate views for different people and purposes e.g. look at the capability of a produced product across multiple production runs; or view the process trend even when the process switches from one product to another.

Calculate process capability

  • Cp, Cpk
  • Pp, Ppk
  • Generate conformance certificates
  • Using key characteristics and data collected during each production run.