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Motorised head and autochange rack controllers



A range of control systems to interface between Renishaw’s motorised heads and autochange racks and your CMM.

ACC2-2 autochange rack controller


The ACC2-2 handles the communications to and from the CMM controller, controls the ACR1  autochange rack and multiplexes and interfaces the head and datum probe signals.

Length 220 mm
Width 289.3 mm
Height 88 mm
Weight 3.85 kg
Data transmission Serial RS232, parallel IEEE
Voltage range 85 V to 264 V 50 Hz to 60 Hz automatic selection

HCU2 hand control unit


HCU2 is a portable head drive and position display unit for use with the PHC10-3 and PHC10-3 PLUS motorised head controller. This is invaluable for setting up a component, operator controlled inspection and teach-cycle programming.

It allows an operator to manually change the orientation of the head without the need for sending commands through the CMM controller.

Features include two speed action (jog and rapid move), two axis head display, transmit button for teach cycle, status and error LEDs.

PHC10-3 PLUS head controller


PHC10-3 PLUS head controller receives instructions from the CMM control. The PHC10-3 PLUS controls all head functions and reports system status to the CMM:

  • Drives PH10 PLUS (PH10T PLUS, PH10M PLUS or PH10MQ PLUS) to position – sent either from the HCU1 or CMM
  • Checks and reports position
  • Flags up errors, e.g. failure to reach position, obstruction before or after locking etc.

The PHC10-3 PLUS does not process any of the probe sensor signals. These are railed clean through the heads axes and controller to the probe interface.

Length 180 mm
Width 440 mm
Height 44 mm
Weight 1.5 kg
Data transmission RS232 or USB
Current consumption
(at 240 V)
Less than 1 A
PSU electrical ratings Supply voltage: 100 V to 240 V ± 10%
Frequency range: 50 Hz to 60 Hz
Power consumption: 49 W max.
Transient voltages: Installation category II
Input connectors 15-way ‘D’
Power supply 24 Vdc 49 W provided by the Emerson PSU (DP4024N3M) power adaptor
Probe output connectors 7-pin DIN or 9-way ‘D’ type
Maximum cable length



50 m5 m (extendible in lengths of 5 m by use of a hub, to a maximum length of 30 m)
Hand held control unit HCU1 only

PHC1050 UCC daughtercard


The PHC1050 interface board is one of a range of plug-in daughtercards for Renishaw UCC universal CMM controllers. It provides a simple interface between the PH10 PLUS probe head and the metrology application software using no external hardware and with minimal cabling and connectors.