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Unimetro – Fixtur kit


The Flexfix fixtures series are widely used in varies industries such as electronics, aerospace, automotive, plastic or medical care. It can be introduced to all sizes and models of CMM and VMM. They are the tools which make your measuring process flexible, repeatable, and standardized.

For multiple applications such as electronics, aerospace, automotive, plastic or medical care, the FlexFix series can provide a full solution to the CMM fixturing requirements. The series offers fixture plates with M8 threaded fittings in a wide choice of standard sizes, which are made of high accurate aluminum material and with complex manufacturing process, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the system. Perfect fixturing solutions can be assembled very quickly without any tools to increase throughput and avoid delays in inspection.

The Flexfix series Fixturing components are designed to hold components firmly with the minimum necessary force and without any special tools, all components are with different function including supporting, clamping or pressing. The reasonable design allows to avoid damage or distortion on the measuring part. With these flexible components users are able to create different type of fixturing combination for varies of parts. Also it is easy to set up a clear probe path of 3D measuring.