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Why retrofit?



Give your CMM a new lease of life!

MODUS circular slice screen shotMost CMM structures are not subject to high levels of wear and so remain serviceable for many years. Software, control systems and sensors, however, can become outdated as new, faster and more capable ones are introduced.

A Renishaw retrofit offers the opportunity to transform existing CMMs, providing greater accuracy, faster measurement, more automation and new capabilities, whilst taking full advantage of CAD-driven programming.

Increased measurement capability

Features Operational benefits
  • Form – scanning vs. discrete points
  • Complex profiles – ‘scan on curve’ vs. multiple scans
  • Surface finish – controlled, CNC process
  • Better control of functional fits
  • Simpler data analysis
  • Increased consistency
  • Shorter lead times

Greater software functionality and usability

Features Operational benefits
  • CAD-driven programming
  • Comprehensive, exact DMIS compliance
  • High-volume data analysis
  • Graphical reporting
  • Support for latest sensors
  • Faster programming
  • Future proof
  • ‘Production mode’ operation for faster program execution

Faster throughput

Features Operational benefits
  • 5-axis scanning – faster scanning speeds; less time spent indexing / sensor changing, more time spent measuring
  • UCC2 controller – optimised motion control
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Faster process feedback
  • Free up CMM capacity to take on other measurement tasks

More automation

Features Operational benefits
  • Automated stylus changing
  • Flexible feature access to avoid reorientation of parts
  • Multi-sensor inspection on one CMM platform
  • Lower manning levels
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Less human error

Supported, open controller

Features Operational benefits
  • UCC2 is suitable for all machine configurations
  • Repair by exchange (RBE) service for all Renishaw components, including the controller
  • I++ DME interface
  • Accessible error map
  • Long-term security
  • Rapid, cost-effective service
  • Use any I++ DME-compatible metrology software
  • Use any machine calibration service provider

Future proofing

Features Operational benefits
  • Latest controller, sensor and software platform caters for future needs
  • CMM software takes full advantage of Renishaw’s sensor innovations
  • Service and support direct from the manufacturer
  • Flexibility to grow with your business
  • Fully supported by Renishaw
  • Long-term security